Shipping Updates

10/26/21 Update

Here is the latest update.  It looks like one shipment may be on its way to us soon, but not sure which games are in that container (i'm checking now).  Thanks for your patience everyone, we all wish this were not an issue but there is nothing we can do about the situation other than wait for the games to arrive.

Hi Brady,

 HBL’s: NBO21061324 and NBO21062076 have nothing new to report.  There has been no change in status.

HBL: NBO21080813 – Co-Loader is hoping to transfer this to the warehouse end of this week or over the weekend.  Waiting for everything lineup to make it this happen. 

 HBL: NBO21090930 – in a closed area at the terminal in Los Angeles, pending transfer to Los Angeles CFS. 

Customs Brokerage Manager, LCB, CC


Brady & Katie

10/19/21 Update


I spoke to our shipping company this morning and all of our games are still in transit.  There is some hope that we will receive some inventory in about two weeks, but they cannot guarantee that.  I will continue to update this page weekly with the current status of our 4 containers.  We do currently have the Concrete Otrio with Luxe ring set in stock, so if you feel like splurging that really a beautiful edition, and my personal favorite.



10/12/21 Update


First, we hope this message finds you and your families all well.  Second, we wanted to provide an update on when orders may be shipped.  We had hoped to have all of the inventory in stock at this point, but unfortunately the worldwide distribution system is in a pretty disrupted state currently.  The good news is that all of the games have arrived in a rail yard in Joliet, IL...which is a mere 60 miles from our home.  The not so good news is that they cannot give us an ETA on when the shipments will be shipped to our warehouse. I received an email from our shipping logistics company last week (see statuses of the shipments below) and they are hopeful that all shipments will be sent to us by the end of October, but they cannot absolutely guarantee that will actually be the case (the latest today was they would leave the rail yard no earlier than 10/17, but could not give an exact date).  This is a very tough time for a lot of small businesses, us included, so we appreciate everyone's support and patience as we await the shipments.   If you have placed an order and would like a full refund kindly drop me a note at and I will cancel and fully refund your order.

Warm Regards,

Brady, Katie, Lillian & Charlie

 (Pre-Covid, man those were the days!)